Engage Those You Serve; Mind the Budget

Education scheduling software empowers your staff to work more productively and cost-effectively. Allowing your students or volunteers to self-book also further builds the relationship with those you serve.

Working in the education or non-profit sector is very much about connecting with and serving others. Yet, for many institutions and charitable organizations, a troublesome appointment scheduling process actually hinders the ability to connect with constituents.

The way in which personal scheduling tools like Outlook or Google Calendar were designed does not allow for users to book directly into your calendar.

Furthermore, we understand that hiring a full-time appointment scheduler often isn’t cost-effective for educational institutions and nonprofits. That is why many organizations are turning to AppointmentPlus to address their scheduling challenges.

AppointmentPlus allows for seamless integration with popular calendar applications. Additionally, AppointmentPlus offers handy features like social media integration, email appointment notifications, and text message reminders. Our onboarding team will provide extensive support for a quick and easy setup. Thus, allowing your educational or non-profit institution to be its’ most successful.

Are you and your staff spending too much time with inefficient appointment scheduling? Kick that old, painful process to the curb and move to school scheduling software. You’ll save time and money. Plus your students will love the convenience of online booking.

Whether you’re a higher education professional in need of a faculty scheduling system that streamlines the student booking process for financial aid meetings, academic advising sessions, or tutoring appointments; managing a music school and seeking an online lesson booking system; or looking for volunteer scheduling software to support your church, our education scheduling software will more than fit the bill.

AppointmentPlus software can help you:

  • Successfully manage your district, school, faculty, and department with our mobile apps.
  • Easily organize and automate student scheduling.
  • Track missed appointments with detailed reporting.
  • Efficiently manage multiple rooms and classes with scheduling software.
  • Keep track of appointment notes and student-specific information.

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Online Appointment Scheduling Software

[mpc_quote author_font_preset=”mpc_preset_138″ author=”Craig Finley, Whitman-Hanson Regional School District” icon=”eti eti_quotations_alt2″ icon_color=”#f29760″ animation_in_type=”transition.fadeIn” animation_in_offset=”100″ animation_in_duration=”300″ animation_in_delay=”0″]

“During periods of parent conference appointments, AppointmentPlus software has saved us 300 hours by allowing staff to not focus on the mechanics of schedule coordination.”


College and University Clients of Appointment-Plus

[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20px” title=”Engage Your Audience with Self-Scheduling” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-clock-o” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_css=”border-color:undefined;border-style:undefined;” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Allow those you serve to easily and conveniently book their own appointments.[/mpc_icon_column]
[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20″ title=”Increase Operational Efficiency with Centralized Booking” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-list-alt” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Streamline the booking process for operations with multiple locations and staff.[/mpc_icon_column]
[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20″ title=”Build Loyalty with Automated Appointment Reminders” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-calendar-check-o” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Catch the eye of your constituents with automated appointment reminders via email and text message.[/mpc_icon_column]

Why choose our software?

With over 100,000 faculty, staff, parents, and students booking monthly, AppointmentPlus online scheduling software is used to schedule parent-teacher conferences, private tours, faculty and staff meetings, events, facilities, classes, classrooms, and equipment.

Easily Manage Your School With Scheduling Software

Over 500 schools, departments, and districts use Appointment-Plus school scheduling software including the San Jose Unified School District, Haverhill Public Schools, Central Bucks School District, North Brunswick Township Board of Education, Ward Melville High School, Bergen Catholic High School, Eastern York Middle School, Honoka’a High & Intermediate School, and many more.

High schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and preparatory schools estimate saving up to 40% in faculty costs and reducing student no shows by up to 80%. For around $1 per day, your school can start saving time and money.

School/Non-Profit Scheduling Use Cases

Online appointment scheduling software is a great fit for scheduling the following education and non-profit use cases:

    • Campus tours
    • Career counseling sessions
    • Church volunteer timeslots
    • Driving school lessons
    • Facility rentals (including sports/athletic fields and courts)
    • Financial aid service sessions
    • Massage therapy school appointments
    • Higher education such as universities, colleges, high schools
    • Music school lessons
    • Professor office hours
    • Volunteer commitments
    • Student appointments
    • Parent/Teacher conferences
    • Classroom scheduling
    • Tutoring
    • Academic advising appointments
    • And more!
[mpc_quote author_font_preset=”mpc_preset_138″ author=”Kathryn Tisdale, University of Colorado Boulder” icon=”eti eti_quotations_alt2″ icon_color=”#f29760″ animation_in_type=”transition.fadeIn” animation_in_offset=”100″ animation_in_duration=”300″ animation_in_delay=”0″]

“We save 15 hours a week using Appointment-Plus, which allows us to focus on our students, not our scheduling.”


Classroom Scheduling Software – Multiple classrooms? Multiple locations? No problem.

School classroom scheduling software makes it easy to manage multiple rooms in multiple locations. Not only are you able to access your room, attendee, and staff profiles from a centralized control panel, you can manage it all remotely via mobile devices. While appointment bookings and reminders can be automated, we realize that sometimes you’ll be out of the office and need to access your data. What better way to field inquiries than with all that information at your fingertips?

AppointmentPlus understands the diverse and unique issues that come along with classroom scheduling. From libraries to colleges and every classroom in between, we help you get multiple people into multiple spaces seamlessly.

You’ve got tons of school spirit, classrooms bursting with excited students, and a decent selection in the dining hall (hopefully). What you probably don’t have, though, is enough hours in the day. Between coordinating class schedules, accommodating staff requests, and relieving student concerns, you know the value of time management and process improvement.

You’ve probably wondered to yourself, “How can I improve the efficiency of my departments and stay on budget?” You’ve likely also searched for methods to advance the relationships between the staff, professors, adjunct faculty, and students.

A robust class scheduling software system is the solution for you and your school, university or college. The AppointmentPlus® system allows you to manage your time effortlessly. We do this by helping you keep track of room scheduling, and maintain more robust records with our advanced reporting capabilities. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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