Build your donor base and increase blood supply levels

Blood donation scheduling software can simplify the process for both your technicians and the donors by:

  • Allowing people to set up their own appointments,
  • Sending reminders so they don’t forget, and
  • Asking them to donate again once they are eligible.

The benefits of a streamlined, easy-to-use appointment scheduling system extend beyond the administrative tasks it eliminates; more appointments mean more blood donations, which translates into more people who directly benefit from the generosity of your donors. And that’s what your blood donation center is all about.

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Manage multiple sites with a single blood donation scheduling system

In order to recruit and retain loyal blood donors, your operation must be flexible and easily accessible. That’s why AppointmentPlus can handle multiple donation sites, whether they are brick-and-mortar locations or mobile blood donation units. And don’t worry about your donors forgetting if their appointment is at the location closest to their home or at their company blood drive–the automatic reminders will have all that information ready for them.

Does your staff rotate between locations? No problem! The staff management functionality of AppointmentPlus can handle varying schedules, different locations, and specific staff functions. With AppointmentPlus, you’ll always have the right people in the right place at the right time. And, they’ll be ready to assist your donors and make them want to come back as soon as they are able.

Your donors will still get the extraordinary customer service that they have come to expect, regardless of where they donate. Our online appointment scheduler centrally stores all donor information. So, staff members at each location can access all donor data quickly and easily.

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[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20px” title=”Reduce time spent on donor appointment reminder phone calls” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-clock-o” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_css=”border-color:undefined;border-style:undefined;” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Not a fan of making those awkward “Hi there, we noticed you haven’t donated in a while” phone calls to previous blood donors? You can schedule recurring appointments while your donors are already in a giving mindset so that they don’t forget. Or, for donors who do not have a recurring appointment scheduled, the system can send out automatic “it’s time for your next donation” emails at specific time intervals that you can configure.[/mpc_icon_column]
[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20″ title=”Reminders reduce no-shows” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-list-alt” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Reduce no-shows by reminding them of the impact their donation has on the lives of others with a well-timed email, sent right from the AppointmentPlus system. Already using MailChimp or Constant Contact? Even better! Our integration with these systems will help ensure your messages are timely and relevant, so that they make the most impact.[/mpc_icon_column]
[mpc_icon_column title_font_color=”#008672″ title_font_size=”20″ title=”Blood Donors can manage their own appointments” content_font_size=”16″ mpc_icon__icon=”fa fa-calendar-check-o” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__border_divider=”true” mpc_icon__mpc_tooltip__padding_divider=”true”]Blood donors can create and edit their own appointments online. This reduces the need to make a phone call to the donation center to re-book. Your technicians can concentrate on the donors who are currently in your facility, and those who need assistance with their appointments are able to get the help they need with just a few clicks, instead of waiting on someone to help them over the phone.[/mpc_icon_column]

Build your donor base and increase blood supply levels

Still have questions about online blood donor scheduling software? There are virtually no limits to how you can use AppointmentPlus to improve efficiency and increase the number of lives affected by blood donations. There’s no risk in getting more information. Give us a call and see how we’ve helped thousands of clients improve their operations through AppointmentPlus.

Take a look Talecris Plasma Resources in Findley, MN. Before AppointmentPlus, they were using spreadsheets to track their donor information and appointments. Not only was this process very manual and time-consuming, it left a lot of room for inaccuracy. Since implementing our blood donation scheduling system, they have reported significant time savings and increased customer satisfaction due to the self-service feature of booking appointments online.

Case Study – Talecris Plasma Resources in Findley, MN

Online scheduling software from Appointment-Plus had the potential to enable Talecris’ Findley, Minn., center to operate more efficiently by encouraging donors to book their appointments online, instead of in-person. Additionally, the record-keeping and reporting capabilities of the system would allow Ms. Hannu and her staff to quickly and effortlessly pull appointment and customer information from one centralized location, instead of sifting through paper spreadsheet pages.

Ms. Hannu and several of her staffers participated in a coaching session to help customize their scheduler for their specific needs. One of these setting was to block off same-day appointments, as the center does not permit them. Appointment-Plus uploaded their existing database of donor contact information, which made it easy for the center to instantly begin scheduling appointments through the system. The center then crafted cards with donor username and passwords, which were given to donors when they arrived for their scheduled appointments. They were instructed on the new scheduling process, which requires them to book their appointments online instead of in person.

The Result

Record keeping and appointment management is a lot easier for Talecris Plasma Resources in Findley, Minn., as Appointment-Plus has simplified and automated this one-time burdensome task. Ms. Hannu says the center has seen significant time savings and better allocation of staff resources, as time is no longer spent manually writing down appointments and looking through pages of spreadsheets for a specific appointment date and time. As many of the center’s donors schedule their appointments up to two weeks in advance, the system allows Ms. Hannu and her staff to instantly and effortlessly access future schedules.

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