VIDEO: An ROI Analysis of Dock Scheduling Software

Online dock scheduling software is designed to maximize your existing resources, saving your operation both money and valuable staff time. If you haven’t implemented the technology at your dock or warehouse yet, it could be because you’re wondering whether or not automated scheduling will really be worth it to your bottom line.

As the Director of Sales and Account Management at AppointmentPlus, I’ve worked with hundreds of logistics clients to assess how our scheduling software can significantly impact their Return on Investment (ROI).

In the following video, I review an easy-to-use ROI calculator designed to compute your operation’s potential savings. All you’ll need to participate is some basic information about the way your dock is run. I’ll even provide an example of the cost savings realized by one of our existing clients..

Streamlining your dock’s operational efficiency takes careful planning. Dock scheduling software can essentially expand your capacity by expediting the most tedious aspects of the process.




Hi everybody, my name is Scott Willett. I’m our Director of Sales and Account Management here at AppointmentPlus. Today I want to share some of the ideas that our team has realized in working with companies around the world. A lot of our dock and delivery scheduling companies have all experienced the same challenges. We want to share some of those today, and make sure that we can help you:

  • Provider BETTER EXPERIENCES to your clients and your carriers,
  • and improve your BOTTOM LINE.

We have put together a quick ROI analysis to help you to determine what type of a return you can see by investing in our tools, and how automation can impact your operational and financial investments.

We measure success in two ways:

  1. Can we reduce the time and money spent on scheduling-related activities by creating, changing, and managing carrier arrivals ?
  2. Or, can we save money on staffing and carrier performance—for example, do they show up on time, were they at the right dock, and was the right stuff on the truck?

To help calculate your Return on Investment (ROI), you’ll need some basic information:

  • How many locations do you operate?
  • How many appointments, or trucks, are coming and going out of your facilities every day?
  • How many activities are performed for each appointment? The phone calls, the faxes, the emails, updating of statuses, etc.
  • What’s the average time it takes to complete these activities?
  • And finally, how much, on average, do you pay people to do these activities? Remember, think about overtime, benefits, and other factors related to their compensation.

Once you have this data, it’s plug and play.

So, let’s calculate, and this works for anybody, whether you’re one location or 500, it doesn’t matter. In our example here today, we’re going to use 50 locations. We’re also going to assume that there’s 50 shipments coming into each location every day, and that each shipment takes 3 activities to complete, and each activity takes five minutes to complete.

So when we look at this, that’s 37,500 minutes every day that you’re planning on scheduling. And if you look at that over a monthly basis, you’re spending 12,500 hours managing your shipment processes.

Now, if we took the wages that we’re paying to our teams that are actually doing this work, and let’s assume they’re making $20 per hour, we’re spending $250,000 per month in these processes.

The great news is that we’ve found, with a great implementation of AppointmentPlus, our clients can save 75 percent of that time manually scheduling and managing these activities, which provides a savings on a monthly basis of $187,000.

If these numbers make sense to you, and you’d like to learn more about AppointmentPlus and talk to some of our scheduling experts, feel free to schedule a demo online. We’re happy to help anytime. So again, from everyone here at AppointmentPlus, have a wonderful day. Thanks so much, everybody!

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