The Ultimate List of HR Apps for the Digital Age

According to Barry Libert, the CEO of Open Matters, “nearly 98% of today’s organizations are neither truly digital nor networked.” 

When Libert recently spoke at the HRTech 2016 Conference, heexplained to the audience that it’s not a question of whether human resource managers need to change, but rather how much and when.


Which brings up the following important questions for HR pros to consider:

  • When are you going to take advantage of automation?
  • When will you start using HR applications to offload tedious tasks?
  • When will you give yourself time to focus on creating better experiences in recruiting, onboarding and training?

You want your team to have more time for initiatives like these, don’t you?

 Sounds like you need to find some apps to drive your HR team into the digital age.


There’s no shortage of slick-looking, HR-focused solutions out there. The trick is to select tools that are sharp enough to be specific to your use case, and versatile enough to play nice with your existing technology.

“Beware of vendors who try and dazzle you with hype, or are selling wildly complicated products,” said Meghan Biro, CEO of TalentCulture and a Forbes contributing writer, on her blog. “Look for smart (and often simple) technologies that are user-friendly and deliver targeted results.”

Scout for products that are easily integrated with the other applications your HR team is using (through a tool like Zapier or an API). Otherwise, your HR team could be left herding a pack of digital cats. I love cats, but they just don’t listen.

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The list below is a great place to begin your integration requirements gathering. If I don’t mention your favorite HR tool, shoot me a tweet at Please let me know if your tool best suits small, medium, or enterprise-level organizations.


For Small Businesses

  • Litmos. A crowd-pleasing learning management system used by SMBs and enterprise clients alike, Litmos helps you address training and compliance issues, plus offers continuous professional development with ease.
  • Visier. This application provides data-driven HR analytics, allowing your company to realize better results on everything from recruitment to gender parity.
  • QuickBase. This solution provides access to a near-dizzying array of workplace apps that in turn offer customization, seamless integration, and a focus on increased collaboration.

 For Medium Businesses

  • ADP. You may think you know this payroll management giant, but the brand is offering more than ever in terms of talent management, with customizable options scaled to the size of your business.
  • sumtotal. Delivering a comprehensive suite of tools for developing talent,sumtotal is a great choice for companies looking to provide in-house learning systems to their teams.
  • Restless Bandit. This cheekily named software system allows HR pros to maximize data on past and present applicants to eliminate hiring bias, mine existing contacts for potential hires, and more.
  • Kronos. Integration is the name of the game for this holistic workforce management platform, which offers everything from payroll to analytics in one suite of tools.
  • Epicor. A cloud-based, subscription-driven resource, Epicor offers a flexible suite of tools for talent management.
  • Cornerstone. Used in nearly 200 countries, Cornerstone offers a cloud-based talent management solution, with a focus on engaging employees and delivering analytics to HR execs.

For Enterprise Businesses

  • SAP Success Factors. Offering a range of software tools for talent management solutions, SAP gives HR execs the data at their fingertips to improve retention and strengthen resources.
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