Tutors Turn to Online Scheduling During Pandemic

Tutors Turn to Online Scheduling During Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools have closed for the remainder of the school year. This has forced schools to move online. While schools that are already online have seen little impact, traditional in-class schools have had to scramble to cobble together something resembling online education.

Although teachers, parents, and students are all doing their best to adjust, the quality of education has diminished. One exasperated mother noted, “I don’t think my son is learning anything from his online classes. He seems to be absorbing more from the educational shows on TV right now.”

Because of this unfortunate situation, more and more parents are seeking to supplement their children’s education by using tutors. This has caused a spike in demand for tutoring services. And though this increased need has been a positive for tutoring businesses, they’ve had their own challenges.

Some tutors already operate online, but many of the large franchise tutoring businesses are designed for in-person sessions. This has resulted in centers having to quickly pivot to online tutoring.

For centers that have quickly made this adjustment, they’ve depended on two critical technologies. The first is virtual meeting software such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or GoToMeeting. These tools allow tutors and students to see each other, which is critical for effective teaching and learning. They also provide handy features like screen-sharing, recording, and group sessions. The second key technology is online appointment scheduling. This allows parents or students to manage their own session schedules. They can book, change, or cancel as they wish based on certain rules, such as a maximum number of appointments per week.

Mathnasium of NE Seattle is one of many Mathnasiums that are using the AppointmentPlus platform for their online scheduling needs. Their executive director, Juan Arias, noted, “Because of the simplicity of the software, our customers adapted quickly, allowing them to effortlessly book and manage their own appointments. This lets us focus on other areas of the business.”

There’s no doubt that both tutors and students are hoping their tutoring centers will re-open soon. But, in the meantime, they can rely on some readily-available software applications, including virtual meeting platforms and appointment scheduling software. And by using these tools, tutors can continue to provide students with an excellent learning experience.


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