How Scheduling Tools for Tutors Can Grow Your Clientele

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Tutors are more critical now than ever. Online and remote learning is not for everyone, and tutors have stepped up to help students keep pace during the pandemic.

As things ramp back up towards normalcy, the need for tutoring will only continue to grow. It’s important for independent tutors and tutoring businesses alike to equip themselves for success. Though the pandemic seemed to enforce a slowdown, parents are actually busier than ever. And, with reopening on the horizon, parent and student schedules are about to get even more hectic. Help them connect with your services on their own timetable by meeting them where they are when they’re available. 

AppointmentPlus scheduling software allows clients to book sessions 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No busy signals or voice mail or phone tag. No missed calls. No jotting down appointments. Just a simple, seamless, software solution that connects your business with your clients through a scalable, easy-to-use interface that was designed to be user-friendly.

Having an online presence that includes scheduling makes instant connections possible and allows you to book appointments without interrupting your life. And, online scheduling makes it easy for parents to book appointments when they have time, rather than needing to call during business hours. 

Here are three more ways that tutoring software can help you connect with and grow your clientele. 

1. Make Online Scheduling Seamless

Are you currently using personal scheduling tools such as Outlook or Google Calendar? While effective for personal use, these tools were not designed for business use and don’t allow you  to book directly into your appointment calendar. 

AppointmentPlus tutoring software allows for seamless integration with popular calendar applications. Our online scheduling software allows parents to self-register in your system, select the tutor and time slot they want and confirm the appointment for their kids – all from their computer or mobile device. 

Not only does tutoring software with online scheduling improve convenience for clients, but it also establishes your professionalism right away. With the ability to offer your tutor services online, more clients will be able to reach your business and fewer will be turned away by technological barriers. 

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2. Connect with Tech-Savvy Clients

Today’s consumers appreciate certain technological touches. For instance, AppointmentPlus offers value-add features such as social media integration. Parents can book right from your tutor website or Facebook page with a simple “Book Now” button, directing them right to the scheduling interface.

Our online scheduling software can even send automatic appointment confirmations and reminders to clients via email or text message. This function helps to ensure appointments are not forgotten – helping to reduce no-shows by 60% – which means more business for you. You can even personalize those messages with important information like the goal of the upcoming session, the room location (digital or physical) where they’ll be meeting, or how to prepare in advance of the student’s session. This capability serves to enhance client/tutor bonds with push communications delivered in a familiar way, via mobile phone or email. With automated reminders, you can both be in touch and take care of other things while your reminders are delivering the personal experience clients want. 

You can even allow clients to pay for sessions online, book recurring appointments and purchase tutoring packages, all from one device. The fewer steps clients have to take – and the more they can buy in bulk – the more likely they will continue bringing their business back. 

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3. Make More Time for Service

Do you know one of the biggest costs of running a tutoring business? Wasted time. every minute your professional services aren’t being utilized, that’s money down the drain.

Ask yourself: are you (and/or your staff) spending too much time with inefficient appointment scheduling? If so, tutoring software will save you time and money and win you more business. Hiring a full-time employee dedicated to appointment booking is not a cost-effective choice. Instead, AppointmentPlus tutors report saving up to 35% of their time managing lesson appointments. 

With this time back in your workflow, you can focus on delivering top-tier service, adding more clients,  or marketing your business. AppointmentPlus scheduling software automates the busywork so you can get busy…working!

In today’s increasingly technology-centered world, tutors must invest in solutions that modernize their business and differentiate themselves from the competition. When selecting scheduling software for your tutoring business, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Do parents want to book their own appointments at their convenience? In today’s online, digital age, the answer is yes. Consumers like to be in charge of their own schedules – from selecting appointments to avoiding the risk of calling businesses and getting stuck on hold. Self-service has become a staple of modern customer experiences, and just as education continues to evolve, parents will judge tutoring businesses by their ability to evolve along with it. 
  • Am I (Is my staff) wasting time on repetitive scheduling activities, such as making appointments or reminder calls? Remember, because the technology exists to take these tasks off tutors’ plates, they are not the best use of people’s time. Tutors who aren’t burnt out by mundane tasks will perform better at their jobs – able to take the extra measure that wins clients and prospects over. 
  • Is my company growing, and can my present system keep up with my increased client base? You may be able to handle appointment booking now, but what happens when you’re flooded with requests? You must set yourself up for success. If you grow your clientele, you need to have the resources to keep up with the pace of your business – without sacrificing service.
  • Do I need a more advanced solution to keep accurate records over time? Online scheduling software continues to evolve and advance, which means the answer is likely yes. You need software that will capture data and insights, so you can track the success of your clients and the growth of your business. With AppointmentPlus, all data is stored right in the software, so you can keep a close eye on trends.

tutor businessTutor software empowers you and your staff to work more productively and cost-effectively. It allows your students’ parents to book at their convenience. And perhaps most important, it scales along with you, allowing your IT infrastructure to grow alongside your business. 

In today’s digital economy, every business is a technology company. If you spend all your resources on acquiring new clients, such as with marketing initiatives, but don’t have the scheduling software to keep up with higher demand, your progress will falter. 

In a year where tutoring is more vital than ever, make sure your business is ready for success. Your clients need you to bridge the gap left by remote learning, to prepare for college exams or to simply reach their academic potential. Tutor software won’t help your clients like you can. But, appointment scheduling software will ensure every possible appointment gets booked and help your clients feel cared for in the process. 

AppointmentPlus offers an array of scheduling solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with solopreneurs and Fortune50 corporations. We can help you, too. Make the most of this year and grow your business with AppointmentPlus..

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