The Daily Grind: Celebrity Schedules We Couldn’t Pull Off

Sure, the supermarket tabloids might tell us that certain celebs are “just like us.” But when it comes to the daily grind, are celebrity schedules really similar to ours? Read on for a sneak-peak into the routines of five stars.



The queen of domesticity and the art of (ahem) turning over a new leaf, Ms. Marthamartha-stewart-daily-schedule Stewart maintains a packed daily schedule focused on work, play, and, of course, delicious delights.

As reported to Harper’s Bazaar, Stewart wakes at 5:00 am every day to take her dogs for a walk around the grounds of her spacious upstate New York farm. Next up is a dawn check-in of her four greenhouses, followed by a breakfast of homemade green juice with freshly picked veggies.

Stewart says she gets started on the day’s news and her stack of several hundred emails (!) while commuting to the city, but her return trip is a bit more mellow (and, err, stinky: Martha often brings home a few tubs of compost from her office, which she then uses on the farm).

Several meetings, cooking photo shoots, and dish samplings later, Stewart returns to the farm by early evening for outside entertaining, weather permitting. Finally, the comfort queen unwinds in bed by flipping between the late night shows while working on memos.

Relatable, right? Totally, except for the part where her sheets must be changed daily and ironed, a requirement that she concedes is a “major luxury.”


michael-strahan-daily-scheduleGap-toothed grinner Michael Strahan not only did some serious work on the fields of the NFL. He’s also holding down major air-time as the host of several TV shows and events; his face is reportedly seen by 14 million viewers a week.

But Strahan never seems overworked.

If anything, his infectious energy has left us wondering: how does he do it? The only way to work on both coasts, seven days a week is to, as a recent article in Men’s Journal put it, choreograph “every hour of his day…with meetings, workouts, and celeb grip-and-grins.”

Add in visits with his twins, and it seems like this celebrity’s day pushes his planner to the limits. Maybe he’s part human, part superhero? That’s right folks, you heard it here first: Strahan’s clearly got some appointment scheduling software wired right into that 6′ 5″ frame.


It’s true, the social media queen actually does a lot more than poseKim-Kardashian-Daily-Schedule for selfies.

A self-made mogul, Kardashian West is a pioneer of personal branding who balances endless photo shoots and family responsibilities with the management of her various projects, including a wildly successful mobile app.

It may seem like every stone has already been overturned for the private-as-public life star. But Kardashian has one daily ritual that hasn’t made it into the world of her reality show or social media platform.

As reported in a recent interview in GQ, the reality star has an ironclad policy of deleting all texts and emails every single night before bed. The only stragglers are those messages that still require a response, which is a productivity strategy that we’re a little envious of, tbh. Nice work, Mrs. West!



Like fellow foodie Martha Stewart, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay also starts his days at 5:00 am.

After a trip to the gym and a tragic breakfast of “plain oatmeal,” Ramsay tells Business Insider that he divides his days between American and British business in order to account for the time zones. That means a jam-packed day with little down time or room for family (Ramsay typically calls his family at midnight West Coast time to catch up with his kiddos before they head off to school in London).

The grueling schedule means little sleep for Ramsay, but he says he prioritizes weekends in order to fully power down and recharge. This is one day in the life of a celebrity that we’re not particularly envious of, but let’s keep that between us so we don’t get on the bad side of his salty mouth.


We all love to motivate one another by reminding ourselves thBeyonce-daily-schduleat we have “as many hours in the day as Beyonce,” but this busy mother/mogul
has made a serious effort to scale down her work schedule since the birth of her daughter in 2012.

The star’s schedule seems to vary quite a bit depending on whether she’s on tour, recharging after a tour, or secretly planning a major album drop. But no matter what’s up in the world of the Queen Bee, these days she prioritizes an early bed time of 11:00 pm, and builds in moments to reinspire herself with family and the arts during her precious, rare down time.

Might Beyonce benefit from an online scheduler to keep her workaholic tendencies from taking over? Absolutely, and we’d love to do our part to keep this creative powerhouse producing for years into the future. So give us a call, Yonce, and we’ll set you up right!

Alright, we’ll admit it, celebrity schedules do entail more than champagne and chill. Their hustle is how they got where they are today, after all. In fact, I’m going to have my personal assistant model my calendar after an amalgam of some stars’ daily routines.

Wait, where did my personal assistant go?


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