How Tutors Can Help Students Beat the Summer Slide

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You remember what it’s like going back to school after summer break. Aside from the assigned summer reading, it feels like the previous year is a distant memory – all learning locked away in a near-forgotten box in your brain. Of course, once classes are back in the swing of things, the knowledge comes rushing back (for the most part), but that transition period can make any learner feel quite rusty.

Tutors should anticipate their students – from elementary to high school, and even college – will experience some of this summer slide, as it’s been termed. Especially after the disruption of COVID-19 on the education system, it is crucial that tutors reach out to their clients to alleviate the difficulties of the past school year and help students put their best foot forward.

summer tutorsFighting the Summer Slide

A randomized trial showed that simply sending text messages over the summer to families of elementary students who were at risk of learning loss was effective at improving the reading scores of third and fourth graders. Tutors and their clients can benefit from these communications to increase booking and fight the summer slide, but sending individualized messages to each client may sound daunting. 

Thankfully, with AppointmentPlus education scheduling software, tutors can easily automate email and text message reminders to reach out to their students. It’s a win-win for students’ learning and tutors’ bottom line, without any added hassle. 

With Appointment Plus you can easily send a text message to clients with quick bits of information to encourage them to nudge them toward engaging your services. This way, you can exchange relevant bits of information quickly to engage your clients and encourage them to keep your services top-of-mind. 

Wherever tutors choose to communicate with their clients, AppointmentPlus can help to catch their eye so that they are more likely to book an appointment this summer. Below, we’ve rounded up some proven strategies for combating the summer slide that you can include in your messages. With the education scheduling software by your side, your business will have everything it needs to get students ready for the year ahead.

Provide Resources

When reaching out to clients, show them you care about their learning by providing resources and information that they will find useful. Does your local library have a summer reading list? Does your community offer any events that may be relevant? Sharing resources lets clients know that your knowledge ranges beyond your tutoring services, establishing your authority as an expert in the industry. 

If your business offers any free resources, such as blogs, eBooks, or learning materials, consider promoting those as well. Remember, these touchpoints should be all about bringing value and addressing student needs to build positive awareness of your brand.

Try this: Check out these awesome summer reading resources from the Library of Congress to keep kids engaged in learning this summer! Reach out to us or book an appointment online to see how we are supporting students’ growth during summer break.

tutoring resources onlineShare Ideas

Another way to engage clients with the AppointmentPlus messaging capabilities is by sharing ideas for creative summer learning activities. These activities can be tailored to your business’s specific audiences depending on grade level and subject matter. If your tutors specialize in middle school math, for example, you may share an activity to practice fractions with a cookie recipe.

Messages containing new activities will expand families’ ability to integrate learning with their summer schedules in a way that is fun and exciting. Be sure to keep the activities simple and flexible, and offer your assistance if a client has questions.

Try this: Cutting back on screen time this summer? Try writing and creating a mini book to take summer reading to the next level. All you need is a piece of paper, scissors and markers. Find the instructions here and reach out to us for more fun summer reading tips!

Communicate Impact

When vacation brain takes over, students may need a little reminder to get them refocused. Consider planning a text or email campaign that informs them about the impact of summer learning loss. Messages that reinforce the importance of continued learning throughout the summer will remind clients to hit the books and reach out to you for help. 

Be sure to highlight how your business can support the process. That way, clients have a clear action to take to get them started.

Try this: Did you know: studies have shown that students can lose up to 30% of learning from the previous grade over the summer. Be ready for the first day of school, schedule an appointment online now.

tutor communicationClass is in Session

Going back to school after summer break doesn’t have to be stressful. As a tutoring business, your expertise is crucial to helping students conquer the summer slide and retain learning so they’re prepared for the school year, not struggling to catch up.

With AppointmentPlus education scheduling software, tutoring businesses have all the tools they need to easily communicate with clients. Automating text and email campaigns will keep clients informed of resources your business provides and how you can prepare them for the school year. Bottom line: now is the time to reach out and offer a helping hand so that when class is in session, students are ready. 

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