VIDEO: Shark Tank Contestant Explains Why Passion for Business is Key

Passion vs. apathy: which one wins out in business?

Today’s cutthroat world can make it difficult to know when to wear your heart on your sleeve, and when to let loose with your analytical alter ego (or vice versa, depending on your personality type).

While running a successful business requires meticulous attention to detail, studies now show that strong emotions are often equally important. The most successful leaders tend to possess a “zeal and zest for their work and their people,” according to David Lucatch, CEO and founder of Yappn Corp.

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If you really want evidence of the positive (and sometimes negative) impact passion can have on a growing business, then just look to everybody’s best frenemy, TV. The hit ABC show Shark Tank has provided us with a front-row seat to entrepreneurial emotions for almost a decade now. Want to take it one step further? AppointmentPlus got a “back-stage pass” to chat with a former contestant.

Ryan Naylor, now serving as founder and CEO of the recruitment software company VivaHR, appeared in the tank during the show’s third season. While the experience itself appeared to go less than “swimmingly” for Ryan (sorry), he told us that he walked away with something more valuable than the money he was originally seeking. Naylor learned that having a passion for the business itself, rather than just the monetary gain, is what he needed to realize true success.

To watch our entire conversation with Ryan about his stint on Shark Tank, check out the latest episode of Close-Up with AppointmentPlus below.

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