Medical Testing Centers Depend on AppointmentPlus

An essential component in the playbook for defeating a pandemic is widespread testing. While other countries were quick to institute this step, the U.S. was slower to respond. But recently, testing in the United States has expanded. However, this increase in testing has not come without pain.

Both drive-through sites and established testing labs have are being overrun by demand. Both workers and patients have been frustrated by long wait times and insufficient staffing. One patient who was excited that testing was available ended up having to wait over four hours at a drive-up facility to be tested. She exclaimed, “I knew it would be busy, but this is madness. Luckily, my symptoms aren’t bad. I can’t imagine waiting in your car this long if you’re feeling horrible.”

To address these issues, many temporary and permanent testing facilities have implemented the AppointmentPlus online scheduling system. The results have been nothing short of transformational. The chaos of multi-hour wait times and exasperated staff is replaced with an orderly, efficient operation. But not only has online scheduling eliminated the pandemonium, it has actually allowed testing centers and sites to process more patients. Medical staff have been able to focus on completing tests for patients and not on dealing with angry people.

“The demand for AppointmentPlus by these testing facilities has gone through the roof,” noted AppointmentPlus CEO, Bob La Loggia. “Fortunately, with our HIPAA compliance, experienced onboarding team, and enterprise-scale security, we’ve been able to get each and every site up quickly and smoothly.”

Some of the more critical system features utilized by these test sites include email and text message reminders, the ability to adjust available time slots quickly, and the option to use the application on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

While many medical testing centers use AppointmentPlus, the system is also highly utilized for other healthcare-related uses, as well. Because of the platform’s flexibility, it is used by blood donation centers, flu shot clinics, wellness centers, hospitals, biometric screening companies, counseling services, and many others.

La Loggia added, “The intensity and the fear surrounding the pandemic has caused a massive amount of stress for testing sites and other healthcare facilities. I’m just happy that we’ve been able to help alleviate some of this pain. It feels good to be part of the solution.”

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