Infographic: Productivity Tips for 9 to 5ers

Are you a worker bee? You know, the person behind the scenes, keeping your department revving like a well-oiled machine every day by honing in on the fine details?

Let’s face it, being “Get ‘Er Done Glenda” can at times be an uber-bummer. The monotony of doing the same tasks at the same time every day; the perceived inability to get up from your desk and network with your colleagues; and the susceptibility to catty office gossip are just a few downsides to a 9 to 5 job.

Don’t give in to the drag. Our infographic below offers six productivity tips to boost your office efficiency, not to mention your work happiness quotient. Try a few out, and see if you if they don’t take you from drone to dynamo in no time at all.

Infographic: Productivity tips for 9 to 5ersClick the image above to enlarge

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