How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Marketing Automation Trends

There’s no doubt about it: sales and marketing automation tools can make the difference between a monster revenue month and one that’s just “meh.”

But with hundreds of automation options available in the marketplace — and more launching each month — what’s the best way to stay current on the latest trends and applications?

Join AppointmentPlusAnati Zubia  as she talks with Justin Gray, Founder and CEO of marketing automation powerhouse LeadMD and marketing education tool Six Bricks, about how to easily and cost-effectively enhance your automation education.

Click below to catch Justin and Anati’s discussion at Scottsdale, Arizona’s Morning Squeeze restaurant! A full transcription follows.


Anati Zubia: What are some recommended sources of information for someone who wants to take that advice and start learning?

Justin Gray: I’m laughing, because this is a loaded question. We’ve actually spun off a marketing education start-up from our learnings at LeadMD, so that’s going to be my number one plug. So, go to and you can sign up, it’s free. The impetus for that, and the underlying need is really that marketing has changed drastically, and you know sales is doing the same thing, yet we’re not training those professionals to adopt those new skills sets. It’s very much a learn on-the-job environment. So that’s what Six Bricks was created to do, is to take that on-the-job training and apply it before you’re actually in the seat, in the role.

There’s other great resources out there. Vendors are an awesome resource. You know, EloquaMarketo, HubSpot runs an awesome university. HubSpot has taken content marketing and defined it in a very literal sense. Great resources. Even resources like, you know, online resources like Udemy are great, but the absolute best is to find someone who is doing that job, and shadow them. Spend a day with sales, spend a day with marketing, develop a mentorship, get plugged in to people that are really running best practices in those areas, and that’s always going to be your best exposure.

AZ: Excellent. That’s great advice on being able to build out that educational toolkit and really get the resources to your organization to help you make those right decisions.

Thanks so much to our viewers for tuning in to this session, and I want to thank Morning Squeeze of Scottsdale, Arizona, for letting us host this interview at their beautiful location. I also want to thank Justin of LeadMD for joining is today and offering his expertise for the sales and marketing automation space. Thank you.

AppointmentPlus has put together an eBook for sales teams on how to use automation to power up their organization. You can download that free eBook by clicking the link on the screen. Again, I want to thank everybody for tuning in today, and from AppointmentPlus and LeadMD, we’ll see you next time!

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