How Dock Managers Can Ease Distribution Centers’ 3 Biggest Nightmares

If you’re a warehouse manager, you’ve been in this situation hundreds of times: You know a lot of trucks are going to be arriving at your dock today, but you have no idea when.

They could arrive evenly spaced throughout the day, or they could all arrive around the same time. This makes it incredibly difficult to effectively plan your labor and equipment needs.

Every warehouse manager wants processes to run smoothly. An efficient operation means lower costs, better morale among staff, and happier carriers. But warehouse managers sometimes lack the tools they need to effectively manage the chaos.

As a result, distribution centers are infamous for logistics bottlenecks, where pickups and deliveries are stalled and staffing is a guessing game. According to transportation data gathered by DAT Solutions, some 63 percent of delivery drivers spend three hours or more waiting at a distribution center’s dock to be loaded and unloaded. It’s no wonder 84 percent of the fleet workers surveyed ranked detention as one of the top five problems carriers face.

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But it doesn’t have to be like this. The idea of trucks arriving at the loading dock at a predefined time, being efficiently unloaded or loaded, and being sent off in an orderly fashion isn’t a pipe dream.

There are plenty of tools that distribution centers can implement to make that concept a reality. You just need to apply the right solutions for distribution’s three biggest pain points.

To learn more about distribution centers’ three biggest pain points — and some practical solutions — please read the full article on Supply & Demand Chain Executive.