Banks Move to Appointment Scheduling During Pandemic

There’s a good chance that your next visit to the bank will require an appointment, even if it’s just for a routine transaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused thousands of banks and credit unions to move to appointment-only service. As with other types of businesses, financial institutions are having to abide by state-based mandates on social distancing and density limits. And they’ve turned to online appointment scheduling to accomplish this.

Whereas it’s not unusual for a bank or credit union to require an appointment for a loan application or to open a new account, it is uncommon to have to book an appointment to make a deposit. However, banking customers seem to be quickly adapting.

One representative from a bank that uses AppointmentPlus noted, “We recently moved to require appointments for any customer visiting our banking center. It has gone surprisingly smoothly. Our customers don’t seem to mind. They appreciate that we are looking out for their safety.”

While the AppointmentPlus system provides all of the core features one would expect in an online scheduler, it has some critical built-in functionality that makes it uniquely suited for the needs of banks and credit unions.

The system is easily configurable to regulate how many customers are allowed to book appointments during any given time frame. Thus, the number of live visitors to a banking center is completely controlled. This allows these institutions to adhere to state-based rules on customer density.  

But financial institutions not only have a need to control the number of customers at the branch for any time period, they also have to ensure appointments are spread out throughout the day. AppointmentPlus also accommodates this need with straightforward appointment-based rules.

AppointmentPlus CEO, Bob La Loggia, stated, “We’ve seen a large influx of banks and credit unions using the system. Most seem to be pleasantly surprised at the ease-of-use and how quickly they can be live and taking appointments. Indeed, many are up and running within a day.”

From local banks to Fortune 500 companies, AppointmentPlus serves any-sized financial institution. Smaller banks and credit unions really appreciate the hands-on training and setup assistance, while larger firms like having a dedicated account manager to take care of all of their needs.

But regardless of the size of the institution, all have been impacted by the pandemic. However, through implementing the AppointmentPlus online scheduling system, they’ve been able to adjust operations quickly. This has allowed them to adhere to COVID-related mandates and prioritize the safety of their staff and customers. From banks to tutoring centers, AppointmentPlus continues to be the go-to appointment scheduling solution for businesses looking for ways to continue to service their customers during a pandemic.

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