AppointmentPlus Helps Businesses Adapt to Their New Normal

As we all adapt to our hopefully-temporary new normal, the days of “business as usual” are a fading memory.  Hundreds of thousands of businesses – both essential and non-essential – are being impacted by COVID-19 mandates. Sadly, many have succumbed to the forced closures and accompanying vanishing revenue. But a great deal have survived. Between having to deal with social distancing directives and with people afraid to even leave their homes, these businesses have had to make quick changes to how they operate.

In doing so, many have turned to online appointment scheduling.

Here are some examples of how organizations are using AppointmentPlus during this challenging time.

Facilitating Tutors Going Online

Hundreds of tutoring centers have signed up for AppointmentPlus since the pandemic began. For centers that are still allowing live sessions, the system will enable them to control the number of students present at any given time. For centers that have gone entirely online, AppointmentPlus allows their tutors to tightly control their schedules. With the huge influx of students needing tutoring services, booking rules such as the number of sessions allowed per week per student become even more important.

Juan Arias, executive director at Mathnasium of Northeast Seattle, noted, “Customers adapted quickly, allowing them to effortlessly book and manage their own appointments. AppointmentPlus has been instrumental in helping us streamline our appointment process.”

Nearly 200 Mathnasium locations are using AppointmentPlus for their online appointment scheduling needs. Huntington Learning Centers is also in the process of rolling out AppointmentPlus to its 250+ centers.

Powering COVID-19 Testing

Because of the system’s scalability, HIPAA compliance, and the ability to have walled-off environments, numerous municipalities are using AppointmentPlus for COVID-19 testing appointments.

One director at a large east coast county said, “I’m impressed by the ease of use and functionality of the system. The AppointmentPlus scheduling software was critical to our success. I’ve already recommended it to 3 other counties in our state.”

Widespread and ongoing testing is key to successfully defeating this pandemic. AppointmentPlus allows municipalities to manage the testing process more effectively. It’s also a much better experience for patients. Instead of having to wait for hours in a car line, patients can now simply show up at their appointed time and be tested.

Keeping Warehouses Operating Smoothly

Thousands of warehouses use AppointmentPlus for scheduling incoming and outgoing loads. Instead of dealing with the uncertainty – and chaos – of first come, first served, warehouses are having their freight carriers book dock appointments. This allows a warehouse to know exactly what trucks will be arriving and when, thus helping to keep the warehouse operating smoothly and efficiently.

Owens & Minor is a large healthcare distributor that has been using AppointmentPlus for over a year. They’ve been extremely busy during the pandemic in making sure that masks, gloves and other PPE (personal protective equipment) get to hospitals and other facilities promptly.

Lawrence Dillworth, an inbound supervisor with Owens & Minor noted, “Without the AppointmentPlus system in place during the COVID-19 volume surge, it would have been a catastrophic failure.” Dillworth is also using the automated email and text notifications feature to let drivers know to wear a mask and gloves upon entering the facility.

Helping Other Businesses Adapt

Numerous other businesses and institutions have tapped AppointmentPlus to help them manage appointments during the pandemic. These include:

  • Mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists)
  • Banks, credit unions and financial advisors
  • Insurance and benefits providers
  • Universities, colleges, and school districts
  • Police and fire departments
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Medical labs
  • And many others

AppointmentPlus is uniquely designed to help during critical times like these. The system can be implemented quickly – complete with live training, it’s highly secure, and it can scale to millions of appointments per month.

From sole proprietors to government agencies to the Fortune 500, our business community was clearly not prepared for a worldwide pandemic. But, fortunately, many organizations were able to alter operations swiftly. The AppointmentPlus online appointment scheduling system has been a critical part of this adaptation process for many businesses. Hopefully, we’ll be able to one day start using the term “business as usual” again. But in the meantime, businesses will have to continue to adjust to the new normal thrust upon them by this pandemic.

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