7 Must-Listen Podcasts for Entrepreneurs at Every Stage

Many media outlets dubbed 2016 the year of the podcast.” The proof was in the numbers: more than 35 million people a week tuned in to podcasts last year, with podcast listeners increasing 23% over 2015.

But consumers’ – and particularly busy professionals’ – hunger for podcasts is just getting ramped up, according to a new report from Edison Research. The pull? For those on the go that need to stay in the know, a quality podcast is a great alternative to other forms of digital or print media, offering both timely business insights and big-picture inspiration.

Entrepreneurs, with their constant need for the latest industry news and inherently mobile work style, are embracing podcasts with gusto. But with an estimated 150,000 episodes in the Podcastverse, where does the savvy entrepreneur get her fix? Read on for our pick of the top 7 podcasts for professionals on the move.


Started in 2012, Entrepreneur on Fire (EOFire) has long been one of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs. Created by John Lee Dumas, this wildly popular interview-based program has expanded to a digital community of inspired leaders seeking the resources and inspiration to grow their own businesses. Did you catch the podcast bug after cruising through the 1500-plus episodes? Then be sure to check out EOFire’s free, 15-part course on how to create your own podcast, along with its webinars, workshops, and courses on a range of entrepreneurial topics.


Pat Flynn’s weekly podcast, Smart Passive Income, has a spot on nearly every top podcast guide around. The weekly show is a guide to fueling an “ethical business with passive income,” and offers valuable, practical information for online entrepreneurs looking to get nuts-and-bolts-level insight into resources that really work. A self-described “crash test dummy” on online business, Flynn brings a grounded approach to his own experiments with increasing income, while furthering his entrepreneurial vision. His show is an accessible, feel good, and always-practical tool entrepreneurs can use to learn how to increase their income streams while building business capital.

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Want to hear what it’s really like to create a business from the ground up? StartUp, a podcast about the creation of Gimlet Media, does just that. Hosted by Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg, this show pulls back the curtain on the process of creating a media company from scratch, offering both practical advice and big-picture lessons. Recent episodes have focused on everything from work-life balance to a profile of a pharmaceutical startup founder, which makes the program a well-rounded listen perfect for entrepreneurs at every stage of growth.


Short on time, but hungry for good business advice, straight from the horse’s mouth? Check out The Twenty Minute VC, a brisk, interview-style podcast that features host Harry Stebbings asking guests a range of targeted questions about venture capital and successful pitches, as well as the books, blogs, and investments that keep them inspired. Stebbings, who started his show when he was only 18, has quickly become a go-to source of information and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of listeners. Clocking in at less time than it takes for the average morning commute, the program is a great intro to the world of entrepreneurial podcasts, and offers listeners an express introduction to a range of VC leaders.




Ready to try a new podcast that’s hot off the press? Pitch Makeover offers a fun take on the typical business format by positioning itself as a “makeover” show for entrepreneurial pitches. Launched in May 2017 by Natalia Oberti Noguera, CEO of Pipeline Angels, the show seeks to invite non-traditional voices —including women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community—into the entrepreneurial world. The podcast features insights from successful entrepreneurs, who come prepared with actionable, inspiring advice on how to turn pitches from drab to fab.


For a low-frills, high-content program on everything related to social media strategies, look no further than the Social Pros podcast, featuring Jay Baer of Convince and Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce. Featuring entrepreneurs who have successfully leveraged the tools of sociability to build strong businesses in a range of industries, each episode includes in-depth conversations on practical strategies, big-picture brain food to improve your overall vision, and suggested actions to help you establish a consistent social media community.


Run by husband-and-wife duo Sherry and Rob Walling, ZenFounder pairs the experience of Sherry’s Ph.D. in clinical psychology with Rob’s expertise in investment and startup leadership. Less than two years old, the show has attracted a steady following, and is a great option for those days you’d like to step back, hit refresh, and remember the values that led you to being an entrepreneur in the first place. Covering topics from gratitude to cultivating passion, ZenFounder seeks to help you “stay sane while starting up.”

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