The 5 Best HR Blogs for Millennials

The blogosphere is a beautiful place where we can share information, inspiration, and, most importantly, cat pics. But when it comes to HR news for younger job seekers and employers, the struggle is real.

Far from edgy, the internet’s offerings can feel more like a barren wasteland overcome with stock photos of clocks, briefcases, and stressed out dudes in suits.

So, what’s the v au courant blog reader to do? Worry not. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 perf HR blogs for millennials. Enjoy!


Founded in 2013 by Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa is a beautifully designed website aimed at providing real world advice for women at all stages of their working life, with a special focus on younger job seekers and entrepreneurs who are ready to seek out mentorship.

McGoodwin, a former HR recruiter for Hulu, started the site as a way to bridge the “gap in career development resources for millennial women.” And it seems to have worked.

Called a “must-read” by the blog CollegeCandy, Career Contessa offers a wealth of practical tips, interviews, and a curated list of job opportunities, plus access to its growing mentor network. Recent posts have included interviewing techniques for young HR recruiters, professional skill building tips, and a partnered post with site builder Squarespace on building your online presence for today’s digital market.

It’s an excellent site with content from a range of authors, including insider-y info on what it’s really like to work in coveted industries or at major companies. Equal parts aspirational and practical, Career Contessa brings a real breath of fresh air to the HR blogosphere (yes, even with that old fashioned, borderline random name).



Harvard Business Review’s online presence,, is a surprisingly hip, readable, and research-rich source of HR news and advice for readers of all ages.

Recent articles have included practical advice for getting along with a new boss, an analysis of a study on supporting Latino talent in a traditionally white workplace, plus a borderline terrifying read on how “robots” (aka, automated technology) are infiltrating the professional spheres of medicine and law. In other words, today’s HBR is not your father’s business mag.

With a real commitment to online engagement (and the Twitter metrics to back it up), HBR is a great stop for millennials looking for solid long-form reads about business trends, as well as quicker pieces that provide practical advice and tips through a distinctly modern lens.



At first glance, Sharlyn Lauby’s blog HR Bartender looks like any other DIY HR blog. But if you get past the distinctly 1.0 design, you’ll find well-written HR insight with just the right twist of sour mix.

Lauby, a longtime HR pro who now consults on talent development and engagement, writes with a blend of humor and seasoned expertise, providing plenty of posts that cut past the filler and provide actionable advice for job seekers at any stage of the game.

From tips for first-time supervisors to a clear breakdown of the seven types of power in the workplace, Lauby’s virtual “bar” is a great place for solid evergreen HR content. She’s been named a top 5 blog by SHRM, and she doesn’t shy away from occasional shots of current trend analysis—a recent piece offered her take on what it means to be an “influencer” in today’s business world.

Like sitting down for a margarita with your favorite aunt, HR Bartender is a surprisingly fun source of advice and intel.

hr bartender.jpg

4. LOLLY DASKAL, INC.COM offers a hefty serving of business news and analysis, and Lolly Daskal’s regular posts on HR trends and tips are always a major highlight.

Daskal, the CEO of the global consultancy firm Lead From Within, brings together that perfect mix of touchy-feely and nuts-and-bolts. With a focus on work/life management and living your best life in and out of the workplace, Daskal’s recent listicles include “7 Powerful Ways How to Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy” and “10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit.”

Her voice is straightforward and clear, with a focus on directing the reader—be they a job seeker or employer—to do some solid soul-searching to ensure that their approach to the workplace is firmly rooted in their values as a person. Never fully crossing the line into full-on spirituality, Daskal nonetheless encourages big thinking about careers in easily digestible, shareable bites.

lolly daskal.jpg


The longest running HR podcast in the biz, HR Happy Hour is a resource for rich conversations with movers and shakers in the field, with a special emphasis on HR tech trends.

A great listen for the job seeker or HR exec on the go, the podcast is hosted by Steve Boese, an HR/Tech expert with over 15 years of experience, including a stint as a strategist for Oracle. He currently co-chairs the HR Technology Conference and edits for Human Resource Executive magazine.

Boese brings his significant expertise to bear in his blog posts and podcast interviews, but you’ll also find little gems like “Blues Brothers Band members, ranked.” Fun stuff.

HR happy hour.jpg

So there you have it, a quick round up of some of our favorite reads. What are we missing? Let us know your go-to blogs for HR news in the Millennial blogosphere on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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