Online Scheduling, the new normal way of setting appointments.

AppointmentPlus’ online appointment scheduling software is used daily by thousands of businesses, institutions and agencies.

But with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more businesses are turning to online booking.

If your organization is still taking live appointments, AppointmentPlus can help you control the flow of clients into your place of business. This allows you to better adhere to social distancing mandates.

If you have moved 100% online, the software can easily allow your clients to make, change and cancel appointments, thus allowing you to focus on those you serve.

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Enterprise Business Solutions

Looking for a best-in-class technology platform that holds its own when it comes to complex scheduling processes, advanced security requirements, and multiple integrations? Our robust API serves more than 50 of the Fortune 500, every day.

Small & Medium Business Solutions

Our online appointment scheduling solution for small and medium businesses offers all the functionality of our enterprise-grade scheduling technology in a streamlined, user-friendly package. Developed to meet the industry-specific requirements of individuals or smaller teams, it’s inherently flexible and built to scale.

A Solution That's Like No Other

Relish the freedom of scheduling technology that's nimble, robust, and responsive.


Whether you are a multi-national corporation with thousands of locations, or a growing small or medium business, AppointmentPlus is designed to seamlessly scale with you.


AppointmentPlus is designed to meet the most complex of needs with a powerful, rules-based scheduling engine that’s built to be highly configurable, yet user-friendly.


With a customer satisfaction rating consistently above 95%, our A+ Support Team is responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any question you or your team may have.

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About AppointmentPlus

Founded in 2001, AppointmentPlus, a DaySmart company, provides software to manage online scheduling for businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, our team is committed to providing our subscribers with a reliable, flexible solution and supporting them with dedicated support experts and detailed onboarding to ensure their success.

More than 500 million (and counting!) appointments in over 100 industries have been booked using AppointmentPlus. We’ve earned our reputation as a world-class provider of scheduling services, and we want to work with you.